“I am interested in art as a means of living a life; not as a means of making a living.”  Robert Henri

Black Hills Winter


Candace Forrette grew up in South Dakota.  She traveled and studied art in a number of places before earning a Diploma in Fine Art from the Art Institute of Boston and then a BFA and MFA in Sculpture from Utah State University.  In 1992, Forrette moved to Billings, Montana, with her family.  She continues her studio work, teaches, and works as Executive Director of a small nonprofit in Billings.

“My work is informed by my feelings for and observations of the land and the natural world. I am interested in smoke-fired ceramics, in using almost minimal form, and in the combining of materials – also of the earth and of fire, notably copper and muscovite (mica).  Additionally, almost in tandem, I have been exploring another natural medium, encaustic.

The somewhat minimal, yet made-by-hand qualities of the work reflect my feelings about the landscape and about our place in that landscape.   This work, like the land and sky itself, allows a space for meditation, reflection, and belonging.”


“The artist appeals…to that in us which is a gift and not an acquisition — and, therefore, more permanenty enduring.”  Joseph Conrad